"A smaller event that makes up for size with sincerity"
Michael MacFarlane, Chieftain, Clan MacFarlane, FSA Scot

      In memory of Deborah Williams MacKenzie who joined the Flowers of the Forest on May 11, 2012 



Thank you to all who came to our 12 Scottish Festivals 



Sadly, the Jackson Hole Scottish Festival is no more. It is due to many factors, lack of funding and manpower being the most prominent. From here forward, the Wyoming Highlanders Scottish Society will still try to continue offering the Dave Cameron Memorial Scholarship Fund through other fund-raising efforts, and to meet for at least a celebration of Scottish and Celtic heritage a few times a year. St. Andrews in late November/early December, Robert Burns in late January/early February and Tartan Day near or on April 6th at the minimum. Other ideas and possibilities will be entertained with enthusiasm. Hopefully that will include the necessary volunteers to plan and carry out these events.


To those of you who were able to attend and volunteered to help out at the Festival these past years, you have our sincerest thanks. To our sponsors, we more than appreciate your help in sustaining our efforts to bring the music, art and culture of the Isles to the many who have come to experience our ‘wee bit of Scotland’. And to the core group, the Festival team, I say HUZZAH! It could not have been done without their efforts and backing over the last 12 years. If the 12th Jackson Hole Scottish Festival is truly to be the last…then we went out on top.


Yours aye,





Wyoming Arts Council
National Endowment for the Arts
Cultural Council of Jackson Hole